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We Give Most Talks Together

While there are a few of our talks that one of us presents on our own, most are given by both of us. Sometimes this causes minor problems with sharing a microphone, but, at our age, it helps us to have two brains working on what we are going to say next. Here are a few of the gardening topics we have ready but given enough lead time we are likely to tackle just about any topic (related to gardening that is!) We like to share what we have learned over the years without getting too serious about it.

Topics by Dianne and Gary

Garden Art for Cheapskates

Some of Our Favourite Gardening Mistakes

What Not to Plant

What are Lawns Good For - Let's Just Stop the Madness

Thinking Outside the Planter Box

Thrifty Gardening

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Topics by Dianne

Growing Orchids

Topics by Gary

Managing Garden Soils - The Dirt on Dirt

Photographing Your Garden